Just Connie’s Year #93 : Doggy Day Care

3rd April 1997

I stopped in today! I can roll over and over now and push myself backwards. I had a sleep outside in my big pram. I was quitegood through  the night tonight so Mummy was pleased! 

3rd April 2017

Me and Sister had quite a lazy start to the morning today. My eyes were quite large and were rolling around again so we stayed in bed and I managed to fall asleep again – when I woke up I was absolutely fine. Sister got me dressed and we headed off to visit my cousin Jade. I love her dog Bertie and today she was looking after a little puppy called Jasper who’s another favourite of mine now! I had a drink and a packet of quavers at Jade’s house then we went to take Bertie on a little walk. Me and Sister held Bertie’s lead and Jade carried Jasper because he is still too small to go on walks. 

I went to Aunty Susans house this afternoon for a little bit and we went to take a dog home in Caton. Nana Mags made us tea tonight which I ate lots of! Me and Sister went to bed and watched the Soaps. I’m at 4Ever Unique tomorrow and I can’t wait to see my friends! 


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