Just Connie’s Year #94 : 4Ever Unique Animal Fun! 

4th April 1997

Mummy and Jordan went shopping and bought me my first toothbrush and toothpaste today. Grandad Tony and Jade looked after me. I was quite funny today rolling over and over and pushing myself backwards. I didn’t go to bed until 9pm! 

4th April 2017 

I was very excited today to go and see my friends at 4Ever Unique! Sister dropped me off at 9am and everyone seemed really excited to see me! I gave Sister a quick kiss goodbye and skipped into the room to say hello to everyone properly. Today, lots of us went on a trip to Animal Care – it was brilliant! I loved seeing the different animals and listening to the carers talking about them. Days out with friends are always fun and I like to be kept busy. Sister picked me up and took my straight to Asda because I had been asking to go all morning when she was getting me ready. I picked my lunch ready for 4Ever Unique tomorrow and then we got some bits for tea. Nana Mags made us tea again tonight – it was lasagne but I ended up eating more of the garlic bread and salad! I went to bed at 8pm tonight and fell asleep on the FaceTime to Sister downstairs – I am getting very excited for Mum and Dad to come home at the weekend!!


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