Just Connie’s Year #95 : Refusing to Get Out of Bed!

5th April 1997

Today was my first ever Grand National Day! I went to watch it at Nana June’s house and picked a horse called General Wolfe. The race was called off because of a bomb threat so everyone was quite disappointed. I had a two hour sleep on Grandads knee and still went to bed at 7pm. I was a good girl today! 

5th April 2017 

I tried my best to have a lazy morning today but Sister was having none of it! I had to be at 4Ever Unique for 9am but I was still refusing to get out of bed at 8.20! Eventually, after a FaceTime from Mum and Dad, Sister got me up and ready to go. I was excited to see everyone again! I didn’t go on a trip today but we had lots of fun – when Sister picked me up I was in the sensory room playing a drum with my friends. I went to Aunty Susan’s house for my tea and my cousin Declan brought me home in his car … I loved that! I’m not at club tomorrow so Sister says we can have a lazy morning – Mum and Dad are back soon! 


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