Just Connie’s Year #96: Sisters Out Shopping! 

6th April 1997
I went to church this morning with Daddy and Jordan. Afterwards, Mummy took me out to the shop and along the canal – I sent a postcard to Uncle Ian. Tonight we all went for a walk along the shore … I had my pyjamas on! Ashleigh and Declan slept tonight in my bedroom. 

6th April 2017

I finally got my lazy morning today! Sister let me stay relaxing in bed until about 10am … then she made me get up! After my medication, she got me dressed and we took Nana Mags to get her hair done then headed into town to do some shopping. As usual, I wanted to go into every single shop and found something I wanted to buy one very single one as well! We had a lovely lunch in a cafe called Esquires – I’ve never been there before! I had a ham and cheese panini and a bottle of Coke. We headed home to get me ready for dance class but Aunty Susan, who was meant to be taking me tonight, had totally forgotten and was already in her pyjamas! She rang up half an hour after class started after she realised what had happened – oops! She is going to take me out at the weekend to make up for it … silly Aunty Susan! 


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