Just Connie’s Year #98 : Return of Mum & Dad and Happy 21st Birthday Jess! 

8th April 1997

I was a good girl last night and slept right through until 7am! Mummy and Daddy are at work today so I spent part of the day with Aunty Susan and the rest of it with Aunty Helen. 

8th April 2017

I woke up VERY excited today at 6am – Sister was so pleased! Mum and Dad are coming home today! I have asked every single day this week if they are coming home and today was the day! This morning Aunty Susan took me out so that Sister could take Nana Mags shopping and clean the house up. We went to Next and to McDonalds. 

By the time I got back, Mum and Dad had landed and I was beyond excited. I sat by the front window for over an hour waiting for them to get home and finally I heard a horn beep and there they were! I’m so happy to have them back home … I think Sister is too! They had a lovely holiday with Aunty Helen and Uncle Martin. Here’s one of the many selfies they sent me! 

My day got even more exciting then because I was invited to Jess’ 21st birthday party! Jess is my cousin Ryan’s girlfriend and I was very excited to go for a little dance. We had a lovely night and I came home absolutely shattered – all the excitement of the day has worn me out! 

Don’t forget to take a look on the Just Connie Facebook page to see the video of my reaction when Mum and Dad pulled up outside! It’s priceless!


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