Just Connie’s Year #99 : Surprise Gifts from Friends! 

9th April 1997

I slept until 6am this morning so everyone was very pleased with me! I had a busy day and sat outside in my sandpit, played with my toys and went in my walker on the grass. I had a walk along the shore and shared my ice cream with Mummy. It was really warm today! 

9th April 2017

After a lazy start this morning, I went out shopping with Mum to Sainsbury’s and I had my lunch in the cafe too. This afternoon we decided to take Nana June on a little trip out in the car because she hasn’t been outside in quite a while! Sister and Aunty Lucy came with me, Mum and Nana June and we ended up at Booths in Scotforth where they (luckily!) had a wheelchair that we could use so Nana managed to get into the shop! It was the first shop she has been in since January so she was just as excited as I was! A special hello to the lady who works on the deli counter who recognised me from when she used to work in Dunelms cafe! This evening Mum took me along to see my friends Tom and Angela at their caravan – I love it when they come and stay up here! Tom bought me a lovely Easter gift and gave me a card from him and his dog Belle – I had a smile on my face for the rest of the night! 


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