Just Connie’s Year #100 : 100 Posts in a Row!!

10th April 1997

I keep getting told off because I keep biting my arm! When I lie on my back on the floor I can push myself backwards. I usually end up pushing up against a wall!

10th April 2017

Today was a day of doing bits and bobs. First I watched whilst Mum, Sister, Aunty Lucy and my cousin Jade did a workout in the garden … I found it very funny! Sister let me wear one of her old headbands today as well – it’s the first time I’ve put one on and actually kept it on! I loved looking at it in the mirror. Then Aunty Susan too me out to do some jobs with her. We went to drop off a cooking book at Aunty Lucy’s, went on the search for some birthday cards and went to Tesco and bought me my tea. I chose a roast chicken dinner and ate every single scrap of it when I got home. I ended the day nipping up to see Nana June with Mum because Mum needed to sort her tablets. I love busy days! 

Today is blog post 100 of this year – we can’t believe we have posted 100 days in a row and we love sharing Connie’s day to day life with you all. We hope you love reading it too! 


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