Just Connie’s Year #101: Visitor from America!

11th April 1997

Today I went shopping with Mymmy, Nana June and Jade. I got a lovely pair of pink shoes and new socks. Lucy, Mummy and Nana went to a flower shop this afternoon so I had a good sleep on Grandads knee. Mummy had to take Jade to casualty today with a bump on her head – luckily she is fine!

11th April 2017

I went to 4Ever Unique today and I was very excited to see all my friends today! We had a big Easter egg hunt today and I managed to find the biggest one! I also made an Easter card for Mum and Dad and a little Easter cake (thanks Kimberley for dropping it off at home for me after I forgot it!) Tonight was very exciting as we had my Aunty Mary over from America for tea. She is my Grandad Vinces’ sister and we love it when she comes over and stays with Nana Mags. We had salmon, new potatoes and salad for tea – I loved eating all of the potatoes! I asked to get the wedding albums out so we had a lovely night looking at old pictures – it is one of my favourite things to do! I went to bed with a big smile on my face absolutely shattered! 


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