Just Connie’s Year #103 : Shop Shutting Panic! 

13th April 1997

I tried a piece of toast this morning for the first time – I liked it! No more SMA milk now! I went for a walk in my big pram with Mummy. I enjoyed all my meals today and was in bed at 7pm. I did get back up at 8pm for an hour but I was a good girl!

13th April 2017

It was my last day at 4Ever Unique in the Easter holidays today! Mum took me down because she was working in the office today. After a busy day, Dad picked me up and took me to KFC for a snack … which turned out to be more like my tea! I ate every scrap though! It made a nice hangs for Dad to come and get me and I was very excited when I saw him! He took me straight from KFC to get my hair done at the hairdressers. I had to have it done today because they are shut tomorrow for Easter! I had it washed and straightened just like normal ready for the Easter weekend. I heard Mum and Sister talking about shops being shut over the weekend and I have been very concerned about it all night long! I keep asking if we will be able to go to a shop and which ones will be open. Sister has assured me that shops will be open tomorrow for us to go too – I hope so! I don’t know what I would do without shops!


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