Just Connie’s Year #104: Easter Raffle! 


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14th April 1997

I went to Kendal with Mummy and Nana June today and was a really good girl. I managed to get my leg out from underneath me when I was trying to crawl – everyone clapped! I was in bed at 6.45 because I had had such a busy day! 

14th April 2017

Nana June decided she would like a trip to Sainsbury’s today so we all went with her! There was Mum, Sister, Aunty Lucy, Lily, Aunty Susan and me. I love Sainsbury’s and always see people I know there. I wasn’t very interested in looking at the clothes but I loved running over to the cheese counter to see if there was anything out to try! (Sadly there wasn’t) On the way out, I ran over to the Easter raffle they were doing and Mum followed me over and said I could have a go. I didn’t win but I did get a free sweetie! Lily didn’t win either but Nana June won twice! A big hello to Faye who works at Sainsbury’s and was running the raffle – she reads our blog and is lovely! 

Me and Mum went to a few other shops this afternoon – I didn’t need to worry about no shops being open! We came home and had a lovely dinner of homemade fish and chips made by Sister and Nana Mags – I ate the lot of course and pinched a few of Sister’s chips!


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