Just Connie’s Year #105 : Finding the Post Office & Swapping Beds!

15th April 1997

Mummy is on holiday today from work so we went for a picnic at the swings with Jordan. I am so desperate to get on the move! I had a big dinner and a lovely sleep. I had spaghetti and sausage for my tea at 4pm then had a nice play with Sister before my bath and bed. 

15th April 2017

Dad was out early this morning playing in a golf competition so we had a quiet morning tidying up. Well, Mum tidied up whilst I sat on my iPad! This afternoon Mum took me out shopping into town because we knew no shops would be open tomorrow which would be hell for me! Mum took me for lunch and then we went to find the new post office to post a card for Nana Mags. After tea Mum wasn’t feeling too well so we decided that Sister would sleep with me in Mum and Dads bed whilst Dad slept in my bed and Mum slept in Sisters bed – it’s starting to get confusing in this house of who sleeps where! I got into bed and watched Britains Got Talent with Sister and fell asleep – my favourite was the girl singing at the end! I woke up quite a lot in the night with no covers on so because I toss and turn so much and can’t pull them back on me so Sister had to keep sorting them all out – I was very confused every time I woke up and Mum wasn’t there! 


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