Just Connie’s Year #106 : Meeting My New Friend Rosie!

16th April 1997

I slept right through last night which was good because I had a busy day today. I went for my hearing test at the health centre – I decided to concentrate today and I passed! Mummy took everyone up to the swings with a picnic this afternoon – we had lots of fun!

16th April 2017

The day I have been dreading arrived today – all the shops are shut! It’s been all I have talked about today … I think I am driving everyone mad asking if they will be open tomorrow. I had one of my Easter eggs this morning and then Dad took me out for lunch today to McDonalds so that I wasn’t stuck in the house all day. Mum didn’t feel well at all today so it got me away from her as well. We had a lovely big roast dinner tonight with Nana Mags and took some to Nana June and Grandad Tony – it was delicious! I especially loved having mashed up meringues and cream for my pudding!

Sister forgot to put this on the blog yesterday so it is going on today – I met my new best friend! Our neighbours Nathalie and Paul got a new puppy on Friday called Rosie and I got to meet her this weekend – I was so excited! She loved me and sat on my knee whilst I softly stroked her. I can’t wait until she is old enough to go out on walks! I want to get her a present this week … although I will probably like a new dog toy as much as she will!


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