Just Connie’s Year #108: Back to College Smiles!

18th April 1997

I slept right through until 6.30am. I went shopping today with Mummy, Nana June and Jade. I had weetabix for my supper which was lovely and I also had a drink of pop in my bottle and drunk it all for the first time!

18th April 2017

First day back at college today and luckily I woke up and was excited to go after my decision last night that I would be staying home today. This morning I went to cycle club at Salt Ayre Leisure Centre. I decided not to go on the bike but I loved listening to the music there and seeing lots of people that I knew. I was offered the chance to go into town shopping this afternoon with one of my support ladies but I decided to stay at college and do some painting instead. I finished off my day at college on the iPad and was ready to get home and fill everyone in on my day. I got home and decided immediately that I wanted to go out for my dinner … I didn’t get too! Mum says that we can’t go out every single day for dinner. But we did go to Tesco to get some bits for tea and in the end Mum treated me to dinner from the chip shop – I had my usual sausage and chips. It was delicious! Mum was on the phone for over two hours today trying to get my appointment with my neurologist sorted today – Sister is going to do an update post later in the week as a lot seems to be changing with me and we still haven’t received any answers. Nothing is ever easy!


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