Just Connie’s Year #109 : Message from my Horse Friends! 

19th April 1997

I slept all night again! So I’m in the good books now. I somehow managed to pull the stopper out from Jordan’s space hopper today … no one knows how! It frightened me when the air starting gushing out in my face. I ate some ‘wotsits’ for the first time today – I’m a fan! 

19th April 2017

First day back at horseriding today and I was excited to go and see my friends and to see if the horseriding jumper Mum had ordered me had arrived. When I got there the jumper was waiting for me and I was so happy to see Solo, Billy, Bonnie and Splash again! When I got home there was a special message waiting for me and when I heard it, it made my day! 

I went to Aunty Susan’s tonight for my tea – I took my iPad with my and had a very chilled night. Aunty Susan is coming to the Blog Awards with us on Friday so we were both getting excited for that!!

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