Just Connie’s Year #110: Happy Birthday Grandad!

20th April 1997

I slept well again last night. It was Grandad Tony’s birthday today and he had a party tea for us all. I ate an egg sandwich, chipsticks and jelly and loved it all. I had a great time! I only had a twenty minute nap today so Mummy is hoping I will sleep well again.

20th April 2017

My last day at college today before we all head to London tomorrow for the UK Blog Awards – I am very excited! I went to the hydrotherapy pool today and worked hard on kicking my legs. Mum has said that there is a pool at the hotel in London – I keep asking if we will go to it! It was Grandad Tony’s 81st birthday today. After getting my hair washed, dried and straightened we headed up to his house to sing Happy Birthday and have some cake with him. My cousins Lily and Evie were there and I ate lots and lots of crisps! I was ‘on one’ tonight when we came home and I saw Mum and Sister packing up for London. I wanted to be up helping them but I seemed to cause more chaos than actually helping – oops!


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