Just Connie’s Year #111: London Day One!

21st April 1997

Back to the usual today – waking up at 3am for half an hour. Mummy hurt her back putting me back in my cot! I had a busy day with only a small nap. Nana Mags and Uncle Brendan looked after me today and Nana gave me some of her homemade soup that I love!

21st April 2017

*Sister is going to do a full blog post just on our London trip with all the pictures so this is just the basics of our day – keep a lookout for that coming soon*

Today is the day! We are off to London and I am so excited! We got the 9.38 train from Lancaster and arrived in London at lunchtime after what seemed like the quickest journey ever!


We decided not to try going on the Underground today as last time I was in London I really struggled with the noise of it and how busy it was. So we jumped straight into a taxi and headed to Trafalgar Square.


A couple of pubs and picture stops later we arrived at our beautiful hotel and headed up to our suite! After a quick dip in the pool (which I loved splashing about in!) it was time to get ready for the UK Blog Awards.


What an amazing night it was at the awards – I was a really good girl and managed to sit through the whole ceremony clapping and cheering for everyone. I even had a dance afterwards with Mum before we got our goodie bags and headed back up to our room. I was absolutely shattered!


Click here to watch our video of the whole day on our YouTube channel – don’t forget to subscribe whilst your there so you don’t miss anymore of our videos!


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