Just Connie’s Year #112 : London Day Two!

22nd April 1997

I was up at 6.30 this morning. I played with my toys and helped to tidy mine and Jordan’s bedroom. I had an hours nap mid-morning and then Aunty Helen came and took me for a walk in my pram. We had chips for tea and I sat up at the table feeding myself!

22nd April 2017

We didn’t win an award but what an amazing night we had! We have all woken up pretty tired this morning so Aunty Susan and Sister walked to McDonalds to get us breakfast. The plan for today, after saying goodbye to our amazing suite, was to do a little bit of shopping and a little bit of sightseeing. We hit Oxford Street for Topshop and Starbucks and then headed over to St Pauls Cathedral and the First Dates restaurant (it was a must-see for Aunty Susan!). We crossed the Millenium bridge and walked right along the embankment to the London Eye and had a late lunch at The Slug and Lettuce. I had a big sharer feast board with Mum and we ate the lot. After a quick picture stop at the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey we made our way back to Euston to get the train home. We used the Underground a lot today and I did really well! I found it very scary when a train came and it got so loud and windy but I managed. (Sister is gong to do a special post all about the Underground for the blog so keep an eye out for that coming soon!)


We had a brilliant time in London and can’t believe that it is all over. But Sister has come home with lots of new ideas for our blog so watch this space!


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