Just Connie’s Year #122 : Happy to be Home!

2nd May 1997

I was up at 5.20am … I am not so popular in our house right now! The Labour Party won the election yesterday. I am trying very hard to crawl but enjoy rolling everywhere. I didn’t sleep at all today and only went to bed at 9.30pm!

2nd May 2017 (Written from Sister’s Perspective)

Mum and Dad stayed overnight at the hospital with Connie, getting not much sleep and moving between chairs and cups of tea and coffee. Connie woke up and was the exact same as yesterday – not responsive to questions and very drowsy. Her eyes were staying focused on lights and she wasn’t herself. Dad came home to meet up the specialist nurse who we already had planned to come this morning before Connie had her second seizure. She was a lovely lady and managed to ease off some of our worries. After talking to Dad, Stephanie the nurse made a special trip to hospital so that she could see Connie and Mum as well. The doctors and nurses on the ward said they would welcome anyone with any specialist knowledge about Connie to come and visit. 

Whilst Dad was at home Connie appeared to perk up slowly but surely and by the time Steph arrived she was more like herself. Connie seemed to really take to Steph as Connie managed to take a small teaspoon of medicine via her mouth after Steph asked and told Connie if she took some she would be able to come home today. At that point, Steph said it was important to keep everything going as normal as we could and said Connie would be okay to come home. The staff at the hospital were happy seeing Connie taking her medicine and asking to eat and drink so home she came! With a quick stop off at KFC, she was back with us and smiling. Connie had a quiet afternoon then came with me to pick our cousins Lily and Evie up from school who were so pleased to see her out of hospital! They night finished with a quick trip to see Grandad and then an early night. We all went to bed hoping that it would be a relatively quiet and easy night! 


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