Onwards and Upwards!

After a couple of hard weeks, it is time to get the blog back on track. For those who didn’t see our Facebook post, Connie’s Nana June passed away two weeks ago. Five days later Connie experienced her second seizure – one which was much more worse than the first and led to her being in hospital on an intravenous drip overnight. Then we had Connie’s 21st birthday and in the middle of such a hard time it was amazing to have such a brilliant weekend with all our family as 37 of us headed off to Centre Parcs. We returned from our weekend away for all five of us at the Halpin Household to be struck with some sort of sickness bug that left all of us in bed for an entire day. The only outing we had was taking Connie to Morrisons in an attempt to get her to eat something. Luckily, we can all look after ourselves but when Connie is ill she refuses food and drink and for a whole day it was a constant struggle to try and get her to take some fluids into her. The only thing we managed was her medication and little drips of water. To mark the end of the worst two weeks, we had Nana June’s funeral yesterday. The sun was shining and she had such a beautiful service – it was a very special day. Hopefully, things can start to get back to some sort of normal now starting with Connie feeling a lot better and heading back to college tomorrow. Onwards and upwards …

For now, here are some of the pictures from our fantastic weekend at Centre Parcs celebrating Connie’s 21st birthday!


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