Just Connie’s Year #131 : Lunch at Archers Farm 

11th May 1997

Up early although I am being really good lately sleeping through. I don’t feel too well today and I was sick in my cot at 4am. I felt very hot all day so I had a two hour nap this afternoon. I can’t be bothered to eat much … just drink!

11th May 2017

I am still not feeling one hundred percent this morning so Mum kept me off college … I’ll definitely be going back tomorrow though she says! Brother was at work today so I went out for lunch with Mum, Dad and Sister to Archers Farm. Everyone was happy to see that I was eating properly again and I loved my scampi and chips. I even kept sneaking pieces of food from everyone else’s plate! Afterwards we walked to see the farm animals then Mum took me to see Grandad. I went with my Mum and Aunty’s to lay the flowers from Nana’s funeral on the graves of her family members. I started saying again tonight that I didn’t want to go back to college again but I have a sneaky feeling that Mum will be sending me anyway! 


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