Just Connie’s Year #136 : Teletubbie Love 

16th May 1997

Nana Mags watched me whilst Mummy went to Sainsbury’s. In the afternoon, we went to Asda and Netto. I had a lovely little sleep! We had a ride up to Aunty Susan’s house at tea time and took Ashleigh to riding. I enjoy going in the car!

16th May 2017

We are still trying to find some form of normal at our house! I spent my morning looking at my new Teletubbies books before college. I bought them with some of my birthday money – I am back to loving Teletubbies and I want to buy everything to do with them! Sister reads the books to me and I fill in the names. It was swimming today at college at Holgates. Mum took me out when I got home to buy some fish food for Grandad’s fish. She treated me to a Subway and I had a foot long sandwich filled with all my favourite things … I ate the lot! Horseriding tomorrow … I haven’t been in a few weeks so I can’t wait! 


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