Just Connie’s Year #137: Happy Birthday Uncle Martin! 

17th May 1997

I was up at 6.15am this morning. I ate my breakfast and stayed awake until lunch then after my nap we went to see Nana June. I ate my tea outside tonight. I didn’t go to bed until 9.30pm and I woke up at 12.30pm for an hour … I just wanted to be with Mummy! 

17th May 2017

Horseriding today! I went in my new hoodie and did lots of riding whilst my favourite little horse Solo watched me. The specialist nurse came to our house this afternoon to talk to Mum and Dad about my seizures. She reassured them that there isn’t much they can do whilst I am having one apart from counting how long it takes and making sure I am comfortable and can’t hurt myself. If the seizure goes on for over 5 minutes they are to ring an ambulance but other than that they are just to put me in the recovery position and talk to me whilst I go though it. Scary stuff! We went to Uncle Martin’s tonight because it was his birthday. I took my special glass that I got for my 21st birthday and had my Coca Cola in that. We have a collection of special glasses in our house from special occasions and I am so happy now to have my own one on the shelf! 


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