Just Connie’s Year #142: New Pyjamas!

22nd May 1997

Mummy found nits again today so we have had to get ‘done’ again. I am really getting to grips with moving around now although I don’t actually crawl! I do manage to get everywhere though … Mummy found me under my cot! I was in bed by 9.30pm but was awake between 2 and 3 am!

22nd May 2017

It was trampolining this morning at college then I had cooking. I made some delicious burgers and some cheese pasta – Dad ate it all when he got home from work. 

Me and Mum went out shopping when I got home from college to Asda. I bought some lovely new pyjamas with my birthday money – I chose them myself … what do you think? 

I asked to go to bed about half 8 tonight, after having my medication for my seizures and after telling everyone I felt sick for half an hour. Luckily I went to bed with no problems and was fast asleep in minutes! 


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