Just Connie’s Year #144 : Seizure Number Three

24th May 1997

Mummy was working today so I went to Nana Mags’ for two hours – I slept the whole time! We took Nana Mags shopping to Netto and Morrisons. Aunty Trina is in hospital with a bad back so we went to visit her today. 

24th May 2017 (Written from Sister’s Perspective)

Connie had a very normal morning at home before college. She had her ready brek and had us all laughing whilst we were getting her ready. Before she went to college she all of a sudden put her hands in her head and said “I didn’t want Nana June to die” – I think it’s easy for us to forget that Connie thinks about things a lot more than we realise! She left for college at 8.45am and at 9.30am we got the phone call to say that Connie was having a seizure and had been fitting for over two minutes so an ambulance had been called. Mum and Dad rushed straight to college and found her still experiencing some activity but not having a full fit anymore. The seizure itself lasted between 3-4 minutes and the paramedics gave Connie a full check over before telling my parents that it was their decision whether she needed to go to hospital. Mum said no – she seemed to come round from this one slightly better than the last so we made the decision that she could come home and rest all day. She spent the day in her pyjamas on the sofa in an “apple pie bed” going from one sleep to the next – she was absolutely shattered! We kept a close eye on her and she went to bed at 7.30pm. 

The worry now is that Connie has had a seizure during the day meaning that they are going to happen at anytime. Before this, the nurse thought that Connie’s seizures may turn into a pattern of being when she is waking up in the morning in bed. Now we have to deal with the fact that Connie could seriously hurt herself if a seizure starts when she is in the wrong place. It could be when she is on the stairs, out on the pavement or in a shop. We are going to have to start to watch her more closely out and about and make sure someone is always near to her to prevent her from hurting herself badly when she falls at the start of a seizure. Luckily, the one that happened today was when Connie was sat on a sofa at college and leant forward to get a drink. She just continued leaning forward until she fell face first onto the floor but it wasn’t a long way down for her … unlike if she had been stood up! 

The start of another worrying chapter at the Halpin Household but as always Connie will kee up smiling! 


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