Just Connie’s Year #149: What I do whilst Mum is on Holiday!

Mum has been away since Thursday on her girls holiday with Aunty Helen, Aunty Susan and her good friend Angela leaving me at home with Dad, Sister and Brother. I never like it when Mum is away – but we’ve managed to cope and she is home tomorrow! 

Mum left the day after I had my seizure so Dad and Sister have been keeping a very close eye on me. I’ve been very tired and very wobbly since I had it on Wednesday and I’m still not back to myself fully. They think I might have hurt my mouth again because I’m not opening it properly to speak. Other than that I am slowly getting back to normal, although now I have had one in the day everyone is a bit more careful! 

Whilst Mum has been away I have had lots of fun though! Apart from facetiming her every day (twice if I can!) I have been out to see family, had my hair done and of course done lots of shopping! Dad and Sister have been halving the job of looking after me taking turns at night and in the day. 

I like to be kept busy so I have constantly wanted to be out and about. Luckily the weather has been so nice this weekend – Dad took me to visit Grandad and then to Happy Mount Park for an ice cream … I didn’t eat much of it though! 

Sister has taken me out for lots of lovely lunches in cafes – today we had a pub lunch in town! I’m glad Mum has had a good holiday but I am so excited for her to come home tomorrow! Here’s a picture of her having lots of fun without me … I’m ready for you tomorrow Mummy! 


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