Just Connie’s Year : Caravans & Cousins 

1st June 1997

I pulled Aunty Susan’s lovely pot horse off the table today and dropped it on the floor – luckily for me it didn’t break! We had a barbecue this afternoon and Ashleigh and Declan slept over tonight. 

1st June 2017

I woke up after a restless night and was very wobbly. I still don’t think I have recovered properly from my last seizure. I was very excited this morning as my two little cousins, Gracie and Elsie, are up from Manchester visiting for a few days. After watchin Mum, Aunty Lucy and Sister do a workout, Mum got me ready to go with Lucy and my little cousin Lily for a few hours whilst she went to work. We went to the cafe for lunch and I sat next to Lily. 

Afterwards, we walked to the caravan where Gracie and Elsie were staying and visited them. They gave me my birthday present (they forgot it when we went to Centre Parcs!) and I loved it! It was a lovely soft pink crown cushion that lights up different colours at night. I’m supposed to be heading back into my own bedroom soon so it will be perfect! 


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