Just Connie’s Year : Remembering Nana June 

4th June 1997

I love milkshake! Strawberry and banana is my favourite. I went to Morrisons with Nana Mags and Mummy and then went to see Nana June – it was her birthday today! We all went to Aunty Helen’s house for a party tea and I went in Jade’s paddling pool. I was tired out tonight so I was in bed by 7.30. 

4th June 2017 

Today would have been Nana June’s birthday so (after a trip to get some supplies) we all went to Grandads to have a special afternoon tea and a glass of prosecco. I love it when everyone gets together.  Before Nana died we did a special Mothers Day afternoon tea for her so it was only right we did another one today. Afterwards we played a game of bingo all together in the lounge – even Grandad joined in! I played my own special ticket whilst everyone else concentrated on theirs … Nana June loved bingo and always complained that she never won a thing! My little cousin Lily won both games today! I miss my Nana June and I have started to say to people that I miss her and that I didn’t want her to die. Hope you have had a special birthday up there Nana June! 


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