Just Connie’s Year: A Different Diary!


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7th June 1997

I got up at 5.20am and didn’t get back to sleep until 6.30am. I went to Lancaster and then to Bolton Le Sands village fair. Afterwards we went to see Nana June then went to Aunty Helen’s house for a BBQ. We didn’t come home until 10pm – I went straight to bed.

7th June 2017

(For today, Sister is going to write what was written in my home/college diary. It was e first day back today and I had a great day!)

Connie had her ankle stretches before session. Breakfast was refused.

Connie really enjoyed her morning at Wrea Green doing horseriding in her hoodie and rode ‘Splash’. Connie demonstrated good knowledge of all the school symbols and with some consistency Connie opened up her reins to change directions. Connie loved the trotting best of all and trotted three times around the school. Connie was also the first one in the group to demonstrate standing up correctly in the saddle. ‘Solo’ was having a lay in today so wasn’t in the school but after the lesson we went to Solo’s stable and gave him some carrots – he was very excited to see her and the bag of carrots. It was a good morning and of course Connie always puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Breaktime – Connie had one packet of crisps, four biscuits and a carton of apple juice … although she did ask for a glass of wine!!

Connie decided she didn’t want to do any pampering this afternoon – she refused all my suggestions. I asked Connie is she wanted to go for a walk along the canal to feed the ducks but she said no. Connie did deliver some mail from reception to the different departments and enjoyed chatting to staff members. She likes to have a nosey in the offices and ask what everyone is doing!


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