Sibling Love : The Rules of Going on Holiday

This weekend I went to Benidorm for my best friend’s hen party and I couldn’t wait to get away for a few days. The Halpin Household seems to be living constantly on guard at the moment still getting used to the idea of seizures so it was amazing to have a break. Connie isn’t keen on any one of us going away – she likes everything to stay the same and she likes to be with all of us. So, to keep her as happy as possible, there are certain things we all do when we go away …

Rule One: Contact

It is impossible to have a total break from Connie because when any of us are away, she likes to have as much contact as possible. This means FaceTime and phonecalls normally happen a minimum of once a day (although on Mum’s recent girls holiday to Spain, Connie seemed to expect a morning and evening FaceTime – amazingly Mum managed not to disappoint her!) She likes a tour around where you’re staying, she likes to say hello to everyone you’re with and she always likes to know what you’re up too. For my weekend away, I got away with just a couple of phonecalls which I enjoyed just as much as Connie! (And it was only because of bad wifi that I didn’t FaceTime her … I felt very quilty!)

Rule Two: Countdown

It is standard for whoever is staying and looking after Connie to start a countdown for when everyone will be back together. Connie doesn’t understand time periods like ‘week’ or ‘month’ but she does understand ‘sleeps’ and ‘tomorrow’ so we always do our countdowns on how many sleeps are left. When it gets too ‘one sleep’ it switches to ‘tomorrow’ and her excitement really starts! Without the countdown, life would be torture with her asking constantly when the person will be home.

Rule Three: Presents

The benefit that Connie understands about when we go away is that she knows we will bring her back a present! If we forget then we are straight into her bad books and she would be absolutely gutted. Connie doesn’t expect much – she is happy with a fridge magnet or a purse – but to her it means something exciting. We always have to tell her to close her eyes (which never lasts) and put out her hands to get her present and then she gets so excited when she sees it. Although a lot of time was spent doing other things in Benidorm, I did manage to find ten minutes to get Connie her present … a new bag for swimming and a fridge magnet. She was over the moon when I came back!

Connie always comes with us when we go on holiday as a family but for these little trips away everyone takes their turn. Mum and Dad went for a week in Spain earlier this year so I had Connie for the week, then Mum went to Spain with the girls whilst me and Dad shared the caring duties and then obviously this weekend I got my break. I had a brilliant weekend and coming back to my little friend was the best … ready to start blogging and transforming our new website! Keep your eyes peeled!

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