Warning Signs & The Real Thing

We let you know yesterday that Connie had experienced a small episode very early in the morning. A seizure – but not a full blown one. She made similar noises gargling in her throat and her face contorted into a strange position but there were no convulsions. We wondered if it might be a warning sign for something coming but this is all still very new to us so we weren’t sure…

Turns out we were right. At about 8.30am this morning, Connie experienced a ‘full-blown’ seizure with convulsions. She was sat on her chair in the lounge laughing whilst Mum and Brother tried to get a spider out of the window. Next thing, Connie had fallen into a heap on the floor and they knew a seizure was starting. They managed to get Connie into the recovery position very quickly before the convulsion and rigidity set in and shouted for me and Dad. I got the timer and Dad ran downstairs to make sure things were okay. The convulsions lasted about one minute this time and it took around 28 minutes for her eyes to return to a normal state and the heavy breathing panting noises to stop. Connie was breathing throughout and seemed to like hearing our voices and seeing our faces in front of her.

As expected, Connie has spent most of the day sleeping and staying very quiet. She is still not back to herself … after what we call a ‘full-blown’ she seems to take about 8 or 9 days to get back to ‘normal’. We are a long way from that at the moment. As I type, Brother is out golfing and Mum and Dad have gone out for tea as they had planned because life has to go on. Connie and I are laying in bed – me on the laptop and her snoozing/watching me.

As horrible as this morning was, it was a relief to get through a ‘full-blown’ seizure by managing it ourselves and not having to ring an ambulance. We know we can cope with it now (although we will obviously ring the moment we have to!) Hopefully, Connie will wake up and feel a bit better in the morning … she is already asking to go out so I am sure she will be back in a shop tomorrow. Thank you for everyone’s messages!


5 thoughts on “Warning Signs & The Real Thing

  1. J, P, J & M you are wonderful, I have the utmost respect for all of you. Connie is one hec of a girl & it’s you guys that help her be the person she is. I send love & hugs to you all. And a message from Sean: Get well soon Connie, I have you in my heart ❤️ xxxxx

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