Another Eventful Night!

We have to admit that at the moment, the few days after one of Connie’s seizures seem to be the time where we can very slightly relax as we are pretty certain that she won’t have another one (touch wood!) Her cycle at the moment seems to be every 3 to 4 weeks but this could all change at any moment of course. So being less than 72 hours since the last seizure, we all expected a quiet night last night … how wrong we could be!

At 3am, I woke to hear Mum and Dad talking in their bedroom where Connie was, discussing that something ‘wasn’t right’. Mum had been woken up by the strange noises that Connie was making – it was as if she was gulping air and not breathing properly. After what sounded like an ‘explosion of air’ coming out of her mouth (as if she had just remembered to breathe) Connie became very agitated. Her eyes started rolling and she moved her arms and legs about violently. Her right arm went straight into the air and then leaned towards the side and all of a sudden it fell down and she refused to move it. Her left arm was twitching but her right arm was completely still and to try and move it meant a lot of shouting out in pain from Connie. After realising that we would not be able to move Connie, the only thing left to do was to call an ambulance … here we go again!

The ambulance arrived and one of the paramedics was the same man who had arrived and helped us the first time Connie had a seizure – he remembered her and had seen it all on the blog! The paramedics were brilliant again with Connie and did a quick assessment with the outcome being a suspected dislocated shoulder. They gave her a shot of morphine to ease some of the pain and wheeled her down the stairs on a special chair and into the ambulance to go for an x-ray. This time Dad went with Connie and Mum followed in the car. Connie was seen in A&E and was sent to have an x-ray (with Mum by her side behind the special screen) which confirmed that she had dislocated her shoulder. She was given another shot of morphine to help with the pain of the doctor trying to put it back into place. She was such a brave girl (we think she must have a very high pain threshold!) and the doctor managed to get it back into place. Arriving home at 7.30am with a sling to wear for 5 days she was absolutely shattered and has spent most of the day sleeping in bed, still not recovered from her seizure on Friday. The morphine has made her very drowsy and she has been sick. Not a great start to our week!

There is a chance that Connie may have hurt her arm slightly when she had her seizure on Friday as she hasn’t been keen to put her arm into her clothing since but the main injury definitely happened this morning.We still need to look into her breathing and what exactly happened before she dislocated her shoulder but for now what we do know is that we are going to have to adapt how we handle Connie. Her shoulder will ‘remember’ that is has been dislocated and will easily come out again. It will mean more of a struggle getting Connie up and down out of seats etc and she will have to get used to resting that arm this week … which could be interesting! As always we will manage … there is never a dull moment in the Halpin Household!


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