Tom’s 30th Birthday Party!

We have had quite a weekend so let’s start at the beginning for today’s post … Friday!

We were all invited to our friend’s 30th birthday party at the stunning Farmhouse at Mackworth on Friday night. Connie loves her friend Tom and was beyond excited to go to his party so we set off on the easy two hour journey down south (which actually took 4 hours!) with Connie’s arm in her sling and party dressed packed.

After arriving at our hotel a lot later than expected, it was a quick twenty minute change into our evening dresses. Connie loves to wear her ball dress but with her arm still in a sling from dislocating it last Monday and still not with full movement it became a two person mission to get her dressed. We managed and she looked beautiful.

We arrived at the party to be greeted by two lovely butlers handing out drinks and of course Connie had her picture taken with them – we don’t miss an opportunity! The party was brilliant – there was a Vegas themed cake, photobooth, decorations, balloons, buffet – the lot. Connie was in her element! Then came the main act …

If you know Connie then you will know that she is a big fan of Elvis (because her Mum and Aunty’s play him all the time) so you can imagine her face when Elvis made his entrance onto the dancefloor and started performing! Connie didn’t even stay with us – she positioned herself right at the front on a chair surrounded by Tom’s other friends whilst we all danced and whooped from the back! It didn’t take long before we all got up dancing and as usual, Connie danced on her own and absolutely loved it. (The Elvis performing was Gordon Hendricks and he is amazing. We have seen him a few times now and would really recommend him. Check out his website and performance dates here! )

Thank you Tom for inviting us to your brilliant 30th birthday party – we loved it and it meant the world to Connie to be there! There is nothing she loves more than a party and letting our hair down was just what we all needed after recent events.  Here are some more of the pictures – hope you like them!


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