The New Mr & Mrs Halpin!

After a night of partying at Tom’s 30th birthday, we had to be up and on the road by 7am to get back for Connie’s cousins wedding. Waking Connie up is not as easy as it used to be – to wake Connie up too early means she is extremely wobbly and her eyes do a lot of rolling going in and out of focus. It was a mission to manage to get her dressed to go home with her being even more unsteady than usual along with her arm in a sling but as always … we managed! Connie had to be given her medication on the motorway as it has to be given at set times but luckily for her this meant a stop off at a service station and a trip to KFC!

We made it back by 9.30am and started to get ready for our cousin Harry’s big day. After plenty of questions asking all about what was going to happen we got Connie ready. Getting an outfit for an occasion like a wedding is always difficult with Connie as most things aren’t suitable or practical for her. Shoes are normally the worst thing to find – she needs something comfortable to dance in but sturdy enough to give her support! After months of searching we settled on a skirt from Topshop, a cropped top from Miss Selfridge and sandals from Primark … and obviously a sling from the hospital – she looked gorgeous!


Connie sat really well in the church and did lots of clapping and looking around to see who was there. It was a lovely ceremony – Connie loved seeing people she knew up at the front of the church. Alex looked beautiful in her stunning dress (which Connie couldn’t stop looking at!) and Connie’s cousins Harry (the groom) and Declan (best man) looked very smart in their grey suits.

After the ceremony we headed to The Longlands for the reception. Connie loved her meal and enjoyed seeing Harry and Declan up at the front giving their speeches. The Longlands itself was ideal for Connie – all on one level, a lovely separate disabled toilet and separated from the main bar/restaurant so that Connie could roam about easily. There were plenty of people there who knew Connie and kept an eye on her meaning Mum, Dad, Sister and Brother could relax a little bit.

Connie, Ash, Nana and Me

Connie spent the whole night dancing … apart from when it was the first dance and we had to take her off the dance floor! She had her medication at night in between dances and left just as the fireworks were starting at about 11pm … she coped really well with a long day after a late night on Friday. We had a brilliant time celebrating with the new Mr and Mrs Halpin!


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