Connie & The EEG

Last Friday, Connie had an appointment at the hospital for an ‘EEG’. After all the changes that have been going on over the last four months with seizures and her Rett Syndrome, it was decided that an EEG would be the best option so that the Doctors could see if there was some other activity going on in Connie’s brain.

EEG stands for ‘electroencephalogram’ and it is a test that detects electrical activity in the brain by using electrodes that are attached to the scalp. Brain cells communicate with each other through electrical impulses and an EEG can be used to detect any problems that might be associated with this activity. The test tracks and records brain wave patterns and is used to help diagnose conditions such as seizures, epilepsy, brain tumours and sleeping problems.

Mum and Dad both went with Connie to the EEG as she is unable to go alone and with her arm in a sling, she is a lot easier to manage with two people. The electrodes were attached and massaged to Connie’s head with glue and then Connie got to choose a DVD to have playing for when she was not completing one of the three tasks were given to her. She of course chose Teletubbies! Whilst each task was going on, the DVD was to be switched off so that there were no distractions for Connie and to ensure the readings being taken were correct.

The first task was to keep her eyes shut for ten seconds. This itself is a massive challenge for Connie and Mum had to help her by trying to keep her eyes shut and placing a finger over each eyelid. Even doing this didn’t mean that her eyes stayed shut but it was the best they could do. The second task was to blow on a toy windmill so that the sections rotated. For everyone who knows Connie, they know how much of a struggle it is every year for her to blow out her birthday candles so she had to do her own version of blowing in very short sharp puffs to get the windmill to go around. Finally, Connie had to look and focus on a set of LED lights. The lights started flashing slowly and then began to get faster and faster.

As always Connie amazed us with how well she coped with it all and hopefully the results will be back within two weeks. Straight after the EEG, Connie went with Mum and Dad to the fracture clinic for her second appointment of the day to make sure that her shoulder was still in place. It was (thank goodness) but she has to keep the sling on for another 4 weeks and then return to the fracture clinic to check up on it again.

Luckily for Connie, her third appointment of the day was to have her hair washed and straightened … definitely the appointment that she enjoyed the most!


6 thoughts on “Connie & The EEG

  1. What a wonderful explaination, and a very brave girl, you have done an excellent job bringing connie up, and you can tell by far what a caring loving family you all are. Hope her shoulder gets better soon, and the results of her test is good news. Love from Michele and Gordon .xx❤️

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