Just Connie’s Year: Dentist Time!

6th July 1997

I went down to Morecambe today with Mummy, Daddy and Jordan to buy some bits and bats for our holidays. Megan brought me a seal hand puppet from her holiday in Cornwall. I had a good sleep for two and a half hours before we had a barbecue for tea and a walk around the village.

6th July 2017

I can’t do any of my normal college activities at the moment like trampolining or horse riding so today I went to the shop to buy a packet of crisps and a drink then spent the afternoon in the studio doing music with other students and playing on the iPad. Mum took me to my dentist appointment after college. I was a very good girl and let the dentist see my teeth although he didn’t do anything to them. Afterwards we went to buy a mattress for the extra bed that is in my bedroom so that I can get back to sleeping in my own bedroom – I haven’t slept in there since March!

The dentist has always been a struggle with Connie. Even though we try our best every day to brush her teeth she always struggles and pulls away meaning we are never convinced she has had a proper clean. We spent years taking her to the dentist with us so that she could just get used to being there and sitting on the chair along with going to the special community dentist who actually looks at her teeth and refers her for work being done. The years spent doing this were then ruined by us being told that she could not attend a ‘normal’ dentist along with the community dentist so she had to stop coming along to the family dentist and lost all confidence in what she had to do. Whenever Connie needs work doing, she has to be put under anaesthetic – even just for a filling which is never fun! We fight hard so that Connie can keep her teeth lovely even though many a times we have been told that they would normally just remove any teeth that needed a filling from someone like Connie. Without someone fighting for her, she would have very few teeth left in a few years! Why should she be treated any differently?


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