Happy 3rd Birthday Elsie!

Connie woke up this morning extremely excited to be able to celebrate her little cousin Elsie’s 3rd birthday. If you have followed the blog for a while, you will know how much Connie loves a birthday celebration and she loves it even more when it is full of Peppa Pig and children’s toys!

It was an early start for Connie getting up around 7am (partly due to leaving at 9 but mostly because of excitement!) Elsie lives in Manchester so Mum and Connie were getting picked up to head down the motorway for a birthday brunch and some partying in the sunshine. After her medication and getting her sling on, Connie was over the moon to see her friend Angela pull up outside and she quickly realised that she would be going in the car with Angela and Mum, not with Aunty Helen like she thought – nothing against your driving Aunty Helen! Present wrapped, card written (drawn in), pillow packed for the journey – they were off!

Connie loves spending time with her little cousins and they are all so good with her. As a new three year old, Elsie has lots of toys that interest Connie … even though some of them interest her more for chewing reasons rather than playing! Elsie’s older sister Gracie was there to play with Connie today as well making it extra fun for Connie. She is always asking what the girls are doing so she had a lovely time today joining in on their fun. Connie loved meeting Eddie as well! 

A birthday isn’t a birthday for Connie without some singing and some cake. Luckily, our cousin Jade had spent most of last night making an amazing Trolls cake for Elsie!

After spending the whole of yesterday asking questions about Elsie’s birthday and driving us mad, Connie has had a lovely day with family and has been kept very busy … hopefully that means she will sleep well tonight! (Unlike last night where the questions just kept coming!)


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