Accessibility & ‘Connie’s List’

‘Accessibility’ is defined as the quality of being able to be reached or entered; the quality of being easy to obtain or use and the quality of being easily understood or appreciated. It is a big discussion topic when it comes to disability but over the years we have found so often that accessibility is easily forgotten about. For years, we have struggled with finding places to go that are totally accessible for Connie. So many places seem to think if they have a version of a disabled toilet and ramps to get in then they are ‘accessible’ when in reality, it requires so much more than that.

Connie Argos


We want to create ‘Connie’s List’ which will be a list of all the places we have visited with a note of how accessible they are. Hopefully, it will become a list that is useful to people all over the country when they are looking for somewhere to go. Somewhere that they won’t have to worry about being misunderstood, somewhere they know have fully accessible toilets that they don’t have to wait half an hour to be able to get into because someone is currently feeding their baby in there (we run into this problem on a scarily regular basis!)

We are looking for places we can visit to test out accessibility – we want to see what places are really succeeding at it and want to know the places that could do more. Is there anywhere that you know of that we could go and visit? We are currently contacting local and national businesses to see if they can help us. So if you have any ideas or know anywhere we could go then please let us know! Let’s share this as much as possible to make sure that we can get Connie’s List really up and running to help as many families as possible!


4 thoughts on “Accessibility & ‘Connie’s List’

  1. Alex loves the barn, and has been with 4everUnique. It is accessible in some ways and not in others. I doubt that it is very wheelchair friendly for instance, and with so many wonderful displays of so many tempting little things it can be a nightmare for impulse control, but it is a delightful place and the staff are great.

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    1. Thanks Carolyn … exactly what we want to write about 🙂 I have been myself and loved the Barn but Connie’s never been – it’s definitely going on our list to visit …. although we will have to keep an eye on where she is flinging her arms! 🙂


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