Just Connie’s Year: Girls Day & New Purchases!

15th July 1997

I slept with Daddy but I woke up at 2am for about an hour! I went for a ride in the car today to Blakenly – both me and Jordan fell asleep in the car. We had lunch back at home then we went round to the local shop and sat on the beach. It was quite a warm night so we all went out for our tea then for a walk. I was in bed by 8pm!

15th July 2017

I woke up very excited this morning as I knew lots of things were going on today. Dad and Brother got up very early to go and watch the Scottish Open Golf because it was a long drive. I woke up and they had gone! We spent the morning watching the golf highlights from the day before and I was constantly asking if any of the people were Dad and Brother – I don’t think Mum and Sister had the heart to tell me we were watching the action from the day before!

At lunchtime, Sally came to pick me up to take me out for the afternoon. Sally runs my dance class on Thursdays so I love going out and about with her. We went into town to Bella Italia for lunch and then did some shopping. I bought a new top from New Look that I picked myself – what do you think of it?

Later on, Mum and Sister decided to buy the new ‘Beauty and the Beast’ from Sky – none of us have seen it before and I remember the songs from when I saw it being performed live in Hollywood Studios in Florida. Sister made us a lovely afternoon tea to go with it as well. I managed to get through about half of the film before I lost concentration but luckily Dad and Brother were back by then so Mum and Sister could carry on watching it. I went to bed about 8.45pm after having my medication and was soon fast asleep. A pretty good Saturday!


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