Back to College! 

Back to normal this week at the Halpin Household with Connie going back to college. It’s always a big change when we get back to the college routine but this time Connie has been more excited than she has the previous two years. A lot of her friends from 4Ever Unique and from school have joined the college that Connie goes too meaning that she will hopefully get to spend a lot more time with her friends.

A big change for Connie this time was with her transport to college. For the past two years, she has been picked up in a normal taxi with one other girl who attends the same college and a passenger assistant that we got to know really well. On her first day this year, a large minibus arrived to pick Connie up with a new passenger assistant and a new driver. Luckily, the minibus had also picked up a couple of Connie’s friends including the girl she had travelled with the past two years which reassured Connie. But what the organisers of the transport don’t understand is the effect this change has on Connie when it is just sprung on her. It’s a big thing for her and it is a big thing for us as a family to send her off with people we don’t know, especially with all the changes that have gone on recently. The seat that Connie has is on its own at the back. Connie’s seizures and partial seizures seem to always happen in the morning so we are not too keen with her being left alone at the back of the bus. We have contacted the bus organisers this week and are waiting for them to get back to us so fingers crossed something will get sorted!

College itself hasn’t changed too much for Connie this year. Her timetable is pretty similar with just a couple of things switching days. She still has trampolining, swimming, horse riding, cooking and music each week. More good news is that horse riding was a success this week! We thought after having so long off for summer and with being unable to go before college broke up because of her arm she would go back to refusing to go but no! Connie had a great time riding a new horse called ‘Rolo’ and of course seeing her favourite ‘Solo’ again. She has also started to go to ‘College Club’ after college each week at 4Ever Unique which she loved this week! After having a great summer seeing her friends and the staff at 4Ever Unique she enjoyed being back in the familiar surroundings having fun.

Connie also had a lovely night on Thursday celebrating her Dad’s birthday by having dinner out at the Golf Club. She loves birthdays (as you all know) and helped Dad out a lot by opening all of his cards and presents for him and blowing out his birthday candles!

Overall, going back to college has been a success for Connie this week. She has done really well with getting back into the routine (even though she still likes to shout in the morning that she is ‘no well’ and doesn’t want to go) and seems to be enjoying college. This week we have had a couple more partial seizures which we are beginning to think could be a sign that a big seizure is on its way. Fingers crossed it isn’t but as always we are keeping a close eye. Now for the weekend which for Connie will probably include lots of shopping and cafes – hope all our readers have a good one too!


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