The Courtyard Cafe & Sky Dives

I’m sure you all know how much Connie loves a trip to a cafe so of course last weekend it is no surprise that she made a visit to the brand new cafe at the local hospice.

The Courtyard Cafe at St Johns Hospice in Lancaster has just opened for patients, staff and the general public. Connie’s Aunty Lucy works there so Connie always likes to visit with her when she gets the chance. The cafe is lovely – airy and light- perfect! Connie had fish fingers and chips whilst Aunty Lucy had a cup of tea and a scone. Connie ate every last mouthful and then got to meet some of the staff that work there … she can’t resist a photo opportunity!

Of course, Connie saw people she knew – like she does everywhere she goes! Our family friend Sue works in the cafe and our Aunty Margaret volunteers there.

If you fancy a trip to a cafe, Connie highly recommends The Courtyard Cafe and it is an added bonus that you get to support the local hospice whilst you are there. The food is lovely, the staff are friendly and the cause is a great one!

Now for the skydive part of the blog … today we went to watch Aunty Lucy do a sky dive! Connie has been telling everyone about it all week and was very excited to get up earlythis morning and head to the Black Knights Parachute Centre at Cockerham. Lucy was part of a team jumping to raise money for St Johns Hospice and they have raised over £2000 so far! There were lots of us there watching and cheering them on as they set off in the plane and as they made their way down … Connie spent the morning in the little cafe there refusing to come outside because of the noise! She saw none of the sky dive whatsoever but was very happy to be told that Aunty Lucy had landed back down and that we could go home – we think the noise of the plane and the people were a bit too much for her! It was a brilliant way to spend our early Saturday morning though – well done to everyone who jumped, especially Aunty Lucy!


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