Getting Out of the ‘Slump’

It’s Monday morning and it is the start of a new week. Time to get out of the slump. Connie hasn’t been very well this past week and although she is getting better she still isn’t back to herself.


When Connie isn’t well, it is easy to get in a bit of a slump. Connie can’t blow or wipe her own nose, often turns coughing into retching, she has hardly eaten a thing and has needed a lot more naps throughout the day. Being ill means an increased chance of seizures and sleeping at night has been tough as it has been filled with partial seizures, coughing and nose-wiping needs. Someone always needs to be with her to care for her meaning we all start to get cabin fever.


Mum & Sister have been doing the majority of the care and it has been very easy to start feeling down about it all. Having to take turns to nip out and get an hour or two of fresh air has a massive effect on us. Whilst everyone else is off out and about starting to enjoy the festive season, we have been stuck in.


Obviously, we wouldn’t dream of doing anything differently – Connie is the priority. So the start of a new week will hopefully bring about a bit more of an upbeat household! Connie will still be off from college today and depending on how she goes maybe a couple more days (when she has a cold there is just no point in sending her out because it takes her so long to get rid of it) but we already have a plan in motion of who is going to work and when which makes a difference of the ‘winging it’ plan we had last week. We are going to start focusing on getting Christmas ready and getting the fun things organised … after all, we have to think about Connie as well and she for sure will not be enjoying being stuck inside!

Happy Monday everyone … hope you all enjoy the last few days of November!



4 thoughts on “Getting Out of the ‘Slump’

  1. I can relate. Without needing the help, I also am down and sick for a few days. Can’t be around people due to immune system. Christmas shopping via internet.
    Prayers for your family, and for Connie to get well soon.

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