Sister Weekend

So as most of our followers know, last weekend Mum and Dad went away to Edinburgh for the Christmas Markets leaving Connie with Sister at home. (Brother was home as well but was away on a course for most of the weekend!) You can click here to see our post preparing for Mum and Dad going away and here is a little catch up on how the weekend went and what we got up too!

Mum and Dad left about 2.30pm on Friday afternoon. Connie and I had already been out for a few hours in the morning to give Mum some peace whilst she packed. We went to get Connie’s hair washed and to Morrisons and Matalan. I knew it was a risk taking her out in the morning because normally, to try and keep Connie occupied whilst at home from 2.30pm would be a nightmare – she just wants to be out and about. However, a recent development has been that Connie is absolutely shattered after a couple of hours of being out. She was more than happy on Friday afternoon to chill with her iPad and have a little nap on the sofa with ‘pillow’. We planned to have a girls night in with pizza and Christmas films but Connie was in bed by 8pm so I ended up having a more lonely version of a girls night in!

Even though she seemed to sleep quite well on Friday night, Connie woke up and had a big partial seizure on Saturday morning which lasted just under 5 minutes so it meant out morning plans had to be changed slightly. We were planning to be up early and away into town for some Christmas shopping but Connie really just wanted to nap and recover from the partial seizure – she wasn’t interested at all in getting dressed until 11am. Instead, we had a leisurely morning and wandered over to Nana’s house to see some family that were visiting from Scotland. Connie mostly stood in Nana’s hall whilst I chatted with the family but eventually she did come in as we were leaving and gave Aunty Netty a hug which was lovely.

Instead of heading into town (which I knew would be manic at this point with roadworks and people Christmas shopping) we opted for a little trip into Morecambe for a wander around the few shops that are there. We walked along the front with Connie pointing out the places that she has been before and finished with picking up a Burger King for her which she ate all of on the way home in the car. It wasn’t long after we got home that we set off again up to Aunty Susan’s for a chinese takeaway with our cousin’s Ashleigh, Jade, Liam and James and of course Aunty Susan. Knowing that we would be there a while, I took Connie’s pyjamas up with me and all of her medication so that we didn’t have to rush home at 8pm for it. By 9pm, she was absolutely shattered so after requesting a head massage from Jade (what a little diva!) we headed back and Connie went straight to bed.

Saturday night was reasonably quiet even though she did wake up at 6.30am and have a few moments and wobbles. We both managed to get back to sleep and woke up properly at 8am. We had to get up and get going ready for Aunty Susan arriving at 10.30am to take Connie to her house for breakfast and a dog walk – and to give me a little break! Sunday was topped off in the afternoon by going for a lovely Roast Dinner with Grandad, Aunty Susan, Ashleigh and James at The Morecambe Hotel. The food was delicious and good news – so was the disabled toilet! (Something that we always look out for now!)

Arriving home to find Mum and Dad already at home put a massive smile on Connie’s face! She could relax and enjoy the fact that everyone was back in the house where she likes them! It was lovely to have some time with Connie just us two. I felt a lot happier with the amount of sleep I got compared to last time I had her totally alone (normally I wake up every half hour constantly because she is so restless!) and the medication and caring went really well. In fact Mum and Dad, you can book another trip away as soon as you like! (Well … give it until after Christmas yeah?)












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