Christmas Tree Vs Connie’s Chair

If you have been following Just Connie for a while, you will know that Connie loves having her chair in the window of the front room. Since getting the chair, we have had the same dilemma every single Christmas  – where do we put the Christmas tree? Connie’s chair always sits in the front window but before the chair came, the Christmas tree was in the front of the window every single year without fail.

Last year, after a lot of moving furniture around, we decided to put the Christmas tree in the corner of the room for the first time ever, leaving Connie’s chair where it was. It meant that Connie could stay where she likes to be but (as silly as it sounds) it did make Christmas slightly different!

This year, Dad went out and bought a much bigger tree (about 7 and a half feet tall) which is absolutely massive. All the moving the furniture around didn’t help this year, the only place the tree fit is in the middle of the window in the front room which then started the new dilemma of Christmas … where will Connie’s chair go? After trying to fit it in the same room in a different place (and failing) we decided to put the chair in what we call the ‘boys room’ where mostly the boys sit and watch football and films. Overall, she seems quite happy with it but she definitely isn’t sitting in the chair as much as normal! It’s only a place she will go when there is someone else in the room and normally we use the other lounge meaning that she has started to take up residence on the sofa in what we call the ‘girls room’ … we think she just loves being with Mum and Sister!

Overall, it isn’t too big of a change and it isn’t for very long. Her chair is still in a window so she can look out like she loves to do and it will only be there until the New Year arrives … we think she can manage. But we are already trying to work out how we can make it so that next year her chair can stay put … any suggestions greatly appreciated! Do you have any Christmas dilemmas involving trees and furniture or is it just us?!

Have you caught up with our Vlogmas videos over on our YouTube channel? Click here to watch the latest one!


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