Connie’s Favourite Things – Christmas Edition!

Connie loves the festive season and there are certain things that we have and that we do that are her favourites. For her, they are the things that let her know it is Christmas and when it is time to get excited!

  1. The Christmas Tree – Connie always likes having a Christmas tree but this year she seems to love it so much more than any year before! Every morning when she heads off to college she says goodbye to it and as soon as she gets off the bus after college she points and waves at it. We have named it “Troy the Tree” this year (Connie’s choice) and she loves being near it and looking at the decorations and lights. It is a big visual sign for her that Father Christmas is on his way and she loves it!
  2. Santa’s Key – As everyone knows, Santa preferred method of getting in the house is coming down the chimney so in the past it has concerned Connie greatly that we don’t have one. The solution is our Santa Key! Connie knows that if we put the key outside on the front door, then Santa can use it and come through the door to our house!
  3. Nativity – We have two meanings for this one! When we get the decorations down from the attic, one of the first things that Connie looks for is our little nativity scene that we have had for years! It has got smaller and smaller over the years with us losing some of the animals and Mary has lost her hands but we get it out every single year without fail and Connie is a big fan! Another version of this favourite is going to see her little cousin’s nativity play at school – another staple event in Connie’s year. She loves to go and watch and sing along with the songs that she knows …. especially now that she has left school and doesn’t perform in a nativity play anymore. Connie actually went to watch her cousin Lily in her nativity play last night and was beyond excited about it! Keep an eye out on our YouTube channel to see her reaction soon …
  4. Santa Visit – Anyone that lives in the same area that we do, will know that it isn’t officially Christmas until Santa has driven up your street in his sleigh! Every single year, the Rotary Club goes around every street in the local area throughout the weeks leading up to Christmas and volunteers take donations and hand out little oranges whilst we all wave to Santa and listen to the songs he has blaring out. Check out our video here from when he arrived this year … he came the first weekend of December for our street so Christmas started very early for Connie!
  5. Christmas Cards – As soon as the cards start arriving through the letterbox, Connie knows that Christmas is coming. Every night when she gets home from college, she opens any of the cards that have arrived in the post that day and she loves looking at them and asking who they are from – give her a week of asking and she will be able to tell you who sent them just from her memory! She isn’t a happy girl if we open them when she isn’t here that is for sure!

Do you have any favourites for Christmas? These are Connie’s top 5 but keep an eye out for our Christmas Eve Traditions Blog Post coming next week to see all of the other special things that she loves to do before the big day arrives!










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