Time Away with Mum

With Mum being Connie’s main carer and me being able to be at home with Connie a lot, it is fair to say that between the two of us we provide the majority of the care for Connie. We normally work it that if one of us is going away then the other will be at home to be with Connie – I had Connie this year when Mum went away to Edinburgh and Spain twice and obviously whenever I go away, Mum is at home with Connie. This has always worked well for us but the clear downside is that the two of us very rarely get the chance to go away together. We manage to do the odd shopping day away together but never for anything over a few hours. The last time we were away from Connie together was in June 2016 when Mum came to visit me in Edinburgh with the ladies of the family and we went to Ladies Day. We haven’t managed to get away without Connie together this year at all since the seizures and medication started which has made getting away even harder.

But the good news is … we are having a night away this weekend and we are very excited! We are going away with my Aunty’s and cousins to Stoke (when my cousin Ashleigh lives) to have a girly day out with shopping and cocktails. At night we are going to watch Gordon Hendrix, an amazing Elvis impersonator … if any of our followers know my Mum and her sisters you will know how much they love Elvis and that has definitely been passed on to all their daughters.


We have had this night away in the calendar for months to make sure that we could make it happen. Dad has had it in his diary so that he knows he is on Connie and we have Mum’s friend Sally who often takes Connie out coming to take her out on Saturday afternoon. It does Connie good to be away from us and it definitely does us good to have a break! So this weekend we plan to relax, enjoy and have fun knowing that Connie will be having fun with Dad and Brother! Keep an eye on our YouTube Channel to catch the video of how the weekend went …


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