Finishing Up for 2017!

Tomorrow, Connie finishes up at college for the year! She is looking forward to being able to stay in bed longer and we are looking forward to her having some more time at home … it is always nice when she has time off especially at Christmas when she is really excited.

2017 has been a year of some changes at college for Connie mostly surrounding her timetable which has become a lot more leisure based. She is finishing the year with a timetable that she seems to love that includes cooking, horse-riding, trampolining and swimming!

There have been a lot of highlights for Connie at college this year. The biggest one has probably been the change we have seen in her horse-riding … if you have been following our blog for a while you remember that earlier in the year Connie refused to even get on the minibus to go to horse-riding let alone actually get on a horse. It took Mum and Sister taking her in the car themselves to the stables and getting hats and boots on to be able to go in the paddock with her and get her going. She is finishing the year being an absolute star at horse-riding! She gets on the horse (sometimes different ones) every single week and does everything she is asked from trotting to standing up to pointing and answering questions about the horse. It really has become a highlight of Connie’s week for her now and she really looks forward to it! Horse-riding has been a HUGE success!

The biggest negative of this year for Connie has probably been the amount of time off that she has had. The two main reasons for her time off this year has been seizure related and also down to illness. It can take Connie a long time to recover from things like colds and it is always a good week after a seizure until she is back to herself (although she normally goes back to college within a day or so). Seizures are a part of life now so it is something that we are getting used too – we try to keep time off to a minimum for Connie because she likes her routine but at the end of the day, we do what is best for Connie!


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