What Connie got for Christmas 2017

Connie is 21 and has Rett Syndrome, epilepsy and severe learning difficulties. Buying presents for her can sometimes be so difficult and we know many people in a similar situation to ours can relate to that. We thought it might be interesting and useful to post about the presents we got her for Christmas this year. We like to get her things that she will enjoy – regardless of what age they are aimed at!

This year Father Christmas got Connie a Baby Annabel, a mini shopping basket, a sensory infinity light, a mermaid blanket, Chip and Mrs Potts (Beauty & The Beast) and a cosy fleece as well as lots of stocking fillers. You will probably notice from this list that Connie likes things aimed at a younger age group but if she gets enjoyment from it then we can’t see any harm in it.

As always, our family are brilliant in buying Connie presents – from pyjamas to scarfs, pet rabbits to CD’s she loved all of her presents. We know ourselves that Connie is hard to buy for so a massive thank you to all of our family and friends who bought Connie a gift this year – believe us when we say she is very grateful!

Did you get any nice or interesting gifts or are you surprised by any of the gifts that Connie got this year? Leave us a comment to let us know đŸ™‚ You can also watch our video about what Connie got for Christmas which is live on our YouTube Channel now – click here to watch it!


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