2017 – Looking Back

What a year 2017 has been! We thought it might be nice to write a post summing up the year – all the good and the (plenty of) bad that we have had this year. That way we can say goodbye to the year properly and start 2018 off with a bang!

March 2017

March 2017 brought with it the start of our journey with seizures and epilepsy (although at the time we had no idea that it was epilepsy!) On 18th March 2017 Connie experienced her first seizure and we, as a family, experienced the nightmare that it brought with it. It was our first time ringing an ambulance for her, first time being in hospital like that with her and the first time we saw her being different to the Connie we have known over the past 20 years. You can read the full blog post from when it happened here. From this point in March, the year carried on for us with Connie having multiple seizures including some clonic tonic ones (frothing at the mouth, rigidness, uncontrollable shaking and jerking) and a massive amount of partial ones which can range from all different sorts of things from looking as though she is somewhere else to having jerks and struggling to move at all. This was one of the biggest things to happen to us in 2017 and it started off a life changing year. Looking back, the Connie we had before March 2017 is a totally different person to who we have now and that is quite sad.

April 2017

Luckily, one of the highlights of the years follows this. In April 2017, we went down to London as we were nominated in the Health and Social Care category for the UK Blog of the Year Awards. We didn’t win but what an amazing time we had and we were so thrilled to be one of the chosen 8 in our category … keep a watch on us though… 2017 has been tough but we might just make the nominations again for the UK Blog of the Year Awards 2019! We had such a lovely weekend in London staying at the Westminster Park Plaza Hotel with our own balcony looking over Big Ben and the River Thames – if you haven’t seen our video from the weekend then head over to our YouTube Channel to watch it here.

The end of April also brought with it the saddest and most heartbreaking part of 2017 as we lost Nana June. Nana was an amazing woman and most of you will probably recognise her as she was ALWAYS out and about shopping with Connie and Mum before she got ill. We miss you so much Nana … especially with all the sales being on right now – you would be in your element with all the bargains!

May 2017

Back to another highlight of 2017 – Connie’s 21st Birthday! Over 30 of our family and close friends went to Whinfell Forest Centre Parcs for the weekend and stayed in a cluster of lodges all together having lots of fun. After a nightmare couple of months it was exactly what was needed for the whole family and Connie absolutely loved it. For her birthday party there, everyone dressed up as characters from Disney and CBeebies (two of Connie’s favourite things) and the group picture has to be up there with one of our favourite pictures of the whole year!


July & August 2017

We had a lovely addition to our timeline in the summer as we celebrated the weddings of our cousin Harry to Alex and of Sister’s best friend Becky to her lovely husband Adam. It was so nice to have the chance to let our hair down and party the day and night away with family and friends at both weddings and of course Connie spent the whole night on the dancefloor at both! The weddings were the highlight of a summer that was otherwise filled with medication and seizures – they happened just at the right time for us!

September 2017

As usual, September brought with it going back to college for Connie. This time she started her final year at her college and we saw a lot of changes in her timetable which became much more focused on leisure activities as her needs and abilities changed with the medication that she was on at the time (and still is). Her final year at college is being spent horse riding, trampolining, swimming, cooking and shopping and we are happy to say that she is loving it!

September also saw us having to face the sleep-deprived EEG with Connie to try and get some answers as to why she is having seizures. You can read all about it here – it was beyond hard trying to keep her awake through the night (especially with Dad and Brother being away on holiday and unable to help) but it ended up being worth it as she slept for the test in the hospital the next day and we got the results that confirmed Connie has front-lobal epilepsy. This again formed part of our journey with seizures and although it was good to finally have some form of answers (although there are plans for a lot more tests in the future) it was hard to come to terms with this new life realising seizures were going to be a part of normal life for us now.

Finally, we must finish with the festive season that we have just celebrated. Connie has had a lovely Christmas spent with family (and of course is looking forward to bringing the New Year in tonight with lots of family as well) which is just what was needed after a tough year. We are all ready for this year to be over and for 2018 to hopefully be much better! If there is one thing that this year has taught us it would be that family is everything and that we have to fight every single battle as hard as we can for Connie to make sure she is living the life that she deserves. And of course, we will continue to fight those battles harder than ever in the years to come.

Happy New Year to all of our readers! Thank you so much for joining us on this whirlwind of a year and we apologise for parts of the year being quieter than we would have liked … again fingers crossed 2018 will calm down slightly so we can focus on the exciting things like our blog and YouTube Channel. If you haven’t already, please follow our blog and subscribe to our YouTube Channel here … every follower and subscriber counts and means so much to us. Here is to 2018 being the year of dreams!


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