Back to College – 2018

After a lovely ‘festive break’, it is back to college time for Connie today! She is really excited to go back and see all her friends and we are excited to try and get back into some sort of a routine if we can!

Connie has been loving having lots of ‘lie ins’ over the past few weeks and most days she has actually needed them after restless nights and early mornings with absences and partial seizures. We have noticed a massive change in Connie’s energy levels since she started having seizures and all of a sudden she absolutely loves her bed! She hasn’t really been up and ready to go before 9am throughout the holidays as she normally has an big absence or partial seizure when she wakes up around 6.30/7am and then needs to go back to sleep to recover. Going back to college means that she will need to be up and ready to leave the house before 9am so it could be quite a struggle … hopefully it will be okay but we are sure that she will come back from college absolutely shattered.

At the end of last week and the beginning of this week we have been practicing getting up and out earlier than we have been as Connie has been at Daytime Support at 4Ever Unique. As of yesterday morning we still hadn’t managed to get there on time but we have slowly got better as we went on … apart from Friday when we had to keep Connie at home to recover and snooze after a particularly big partial seizure.

Fingers crossed the start of her college for 2018 will get off to a good start. At least with her going back on a Wednesday it means she only has 3 mornings before she gets a break again before a full 5 days next week. Oh, and fingers crossed we manage to actually get her up and out of bed this morning!


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