A Picture Says A Thousand Words

We are sure a lot of our followers will have seen this picture on our social media yesterday but we couldn’t let it slip away without being featured on our blog!

On Tuesday we posted this picture to our Instagram page which was taken whilst Connie was at home with Sister & Brother. On Thursday, the photo was posted on ‘Special Needs Siblings’ Instagram page and since then has spread over Facebook and Twitter as well.


Needless to say, we love this picture and of course, like they say, it speaks a thousand words. Connie has such a special relationship with her ‘little’ brother Morgan and she loves to chase him about and wind him up (luckily he likes to wind her up too so it is a perfect match!) Being Connie’s brother means Morgan realistically can’t do as much for Connie as Mum and Sister but that doesn’t stop him being the best brother to Connie. If she needs someone to play with her toys or mess about playing hide and seek then Morgan is the first to be asked. When she comes in she loves to shout ‘Brotherkins’ to see if he is home and every time she goes up the stairs she will always try to venture off to see Brother to have a quick hello!

So we thought we would post this lovely picture on our blog so that we can remember it and for all our blog followers to enjoy. These two really are best friends and Connie loves having her ‘little’ brother there to make sure she is okay!


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